Ann co-founder of WEB32, Belgians web3 and metaverse movement

WEB32 is where the Web3 movement in Belgium begins and grows. 

At WEB32 everyone comes together to contribute, share knowledge, and network. We offer a yearly conference on the impact of the new internet on business strategies.  WEB32, the largest Belgian Web3 movement, brings speakers from both within and outside Belgium exploring the potential of blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse.

WEB32 started as a community of digital natives, software developers, consultants, creative professionals, and other enthusiasts around blockchain and NFTs.
Ann kickstarted this movement, together with Gilles Den Haese and Thomas Lambert early 2022. Today, WEB32 is still entirely driven from the bottom up by an enthusiastic team.

The events serve as inspiring and informative moments to discover tangible applications of Web3, such as digital ownership, decentralization, next-level privacy, the metaverse, and AI. Beyond the hype, towards real value!

WEB32 by Fille Roelants

Why Web3?

Web3 is a vital tool for addressing the many new societal challenges of our disruptive era. WEB32 aims to drive the adoption of Web3 in Belgium by inspiring businesses and entrepreneurial minds with the possibilities of blockchain and related applications, such as NFTs and the metaverse.

WEB32 offers tangible examples of what Web3 can mean and how we need to rethink principles like ownership, privacy, and validation, and their potential impact on new business models. Web3 does not necessarily mean throwing out your current strategy; instead, it can add a valuable extra dimension. Key business pillars such as customer service, loyalty, and sustainability can be significantly enhanced with Web3.

Who is WEB32 for?

WEB32 offers valuable insights for innovation managers, C-level executives, marketing and communication managers, and entrepreneurs in the creative industry looking to monetize or expand their work. It’s the perfect opportunity for any curious entrepreneur to learn about blockchain technology through practical examples, gain an inspiring glimpse into the future, and network.

Students and alumni are also welcomed. This young generation is bound to encounter Web3 in their careers or may already be actively involved. WEB32 is, therefore, the perfect chance to learn about Web3, network with entrepreneurs and other professionals, and kickstart their career!


Ann Claes & WEB32

Ann coordinates the general organization with the core team, co-curates the content on stage & the experience and is eager to build partnerships. She is also the spokes person for WEB32 and loves sharing her enthusiasm about it.