Masjien is an agency for fashion, sustainability and technology.



At Masjien, we are revolutionising the fashion industry by challenging the status quo. With a focus on sustainability and technology, we believe in creating a powerful synergy that elevates fashion to new heights.


Our services encompass consultancy, captivating keynotes, and effective project management, but we go beyond conventional agency work. Our aim is to educate and engage, sparking conversations about the future of fashion. We specialise in matchmaking and building networks of experts, fostering collaborations that drive innovation.


We employ various formats to share our knowledge with both businesses and consumers. From immersive masterclasses to captivating webinars, thought-provoking columns to interactive virtual fashion experiences. We even have a children’s book that introduces younger generations to the importance of sustainable fashion. We strive to make information accessible and enjoyable.

Masjien, pushing buttons and boundaries.

Jasmien Wynants – Sustainability


The more important stuff

  • Jasmien always looks for the silver lining, even when it’s hard to find. 
  • Awarded Sustainability Professional of the Year in 2023
  • Building the Masjien since 2022, sharing her passion with and through keynotes and guest lectures for all kinds of universities, profit and non profit organisations.
  • Working on sustainability/circularity in fashion since 2014 at: Flanders Fashion Institute, Flanders DC where she developed the Close The Loop program.
  • Freelancing as Sustainability Manager at Belgian fashion brand Xandres.
  • Developed the MoMu Antwerp fashion tour on sustainability.
  • Guest editor for Fashion United
  • Co-author of children’s book ‘Groeien broeken aan bomen?’ (‘Do pants grow on trees?’)
  • Masters in Environmental Sciences, Communication Sciences & Management
  • Her motto is “we can make a change, one step at a time”.

Things you probably don’t need to know

  • Born and raised in the northern hardlands of Belgium, she grew up with a passion for dancing, fashion and … Whitney Houston.
  • After working with a major advertising agency for several years, she decided to follow her heart, setting off for a career in fashion.
  • With just one husband and an equally important dog, she’s honoured to have a big ‘framily’ that calls her Fratsmans for her clumsiness. (Have you ever put your cup upside down under a coffee maker? Just give it a shot…)

Ann Claes – Technology

The more important stuff

  • Ann is a techno-optimist and loves connecting people & ideas so one plus one becomes three.
  • Working for +20 years in fashion as international business developer, sales director and senior advisor at Veronique Branquinho, Delvaux, FNG, Flanders Fashion Institute, Flanders DC.
  • Co-founder of digital fashion network MUTANI
  • Co-founder of WEB32, the visionary web3 and metaverse movement with a yearly conference
  • Lead technology work group European Fashion Alliance
  • Member of the Board of Claes Retail Group (JBC, Mayerline, CKS)
  • Member of the Board of Duror Group (Terre Bleue, Zilton, Gigue)
  • Advisory Board of circular sunglasses brand Yuma Labs 
  • Columnist technology at Belgian newspaper De Tijd
  • Her motto is “make the network work”. 

Things you probably don’t need to know

  • She is often mixed up with another Ann Claes, the owner of JBC. Although she loves multitasking, to be clear: she is not running a multi million euro retail company and a tech & sustainability agency at the same time.  She is part of the board though.
  • She has two kids and a third furry one, called Kira. 
  • Does feel obliged to mention here she is a proud Limburger Wereldburger, since Jasmien is such a Kempen ambassador.

What makes us unique?

We worked together for +7 years at Flanders DC where we advised, informed and inspired fashion start-ups as well as large SME’s and… found a shared passion for red wine and croquette “from the wall”.


We can dream no-limits big, but we can also deliver. We have both high expectations and ambitious plans, as well as the experience to turn these plans into reality. Whether you are a brand with sustainability in your DNA; a local business with big web3 plans for the future; or an organisation trying to be the change. To put it in the words of the great British philosopher V. Beckham:  Tell me what you want, what you really, really want and I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. 

On a mission

On March 11, 1811, the first major Luddite riot took place in Arnold, Nottingham. Weavers turned their anger to a then-revolutionary technology: destroying the equipment in the newly invented textile factories – the equipment that took their jobs, made wages plumet and worsened their working conditions. The movement swept across the country and the textile industry took a severe beating, as mills were burned, and production facilities closed. 

This historical event is now regarded as the first clear instance of ‘Man versus Machine’, with the term ‘Luddite’ still being used to refer to someone who is opposed to new technologies. Though the Luddites fought a just cause, their polarised views and destructive actions failed to get them what they wanted.

Masjien [Machine] faces a similar challenge. Just like the textile industry in the 19th century, today’s fashion industry is at a crossroads. And this time, the stakes are even higher. It’s not ‘just’ about our jobs or working conditions; the very future of our planet is on the line.

Knowing very well that history can teach us a thing or two, we dare to look back even further than the 19th century – casting a glance back at the Bronze and Iron Ages, when mankind flourished by embracing new inventions and technologies. It is our strong belief that the key to tackling today’s challenges lies exactly in the match between industry and cutting-edge technology. Rather than opposing what’s new or desperately trying to hold on to yesterday, we build a bridge, hold hands and step forward into the green age.