Podcast de Tijd by Ann: Start to Metaverse

DRIES CEUPPENS May 12, 2022 

In the new podcast series ‘Start to Metaverse’ by De Tijd we look for the secrets of the metaverse. What is this new digital world? What can you do with it? Can you make money with it? In this new series we want to introduce everyone to the possibilities and pitfalls of the metaverse.

In the second episode of our podcast ‘Start to Metaverse’ we visit companies and entrepreneurs and listen to how they use the metaverse and what opportunities they see in it. You might even be surprised at how many companies are already working on the metaverse or developing the technology that would make a metaverse possible.

Our first stop is OneBonsai in Vilvoorde, where we talk to co-founder and managing partner Evarest Schoofs. OneBonsai creates training environments in virtual reality. Or as he puts it: ‘If it is big, expensive or dangerous, definitely consider virtual reality.’ Consider, for example, fire exercises or tactical intervention training for the police and the army.

We also talk to Ann Claes, co-founder of the digital fashion start-up MUTANI and one of the driving forces behind the web3 and metaverse conference WEB32. We learn how you can start with the metaverse as an entrepreneur and what the added value it can be for your company. According to Claes, it is clear: more and more players, including the big boys, are starting to experiment with the metaverse and this often involves considerable budgets.