Both on the topics of sustainability and technology, we offer a wide range of services.


Helping you out in determining or refining your strategy (analysing the current situation, creating a shared vision and setting targets) and/or in adapting your processes accordingly. There are three levels of support:
– strategy
– operations
– marketing/communications



Long term assistance to get you started with a good foundation or temporary well-defined projects to manage.


Yes, yes but have you done this before?

Via the Close The Loop programme (Flanders DC) we helped dozens of small and larger companies setting things straight. 


As a Sustainability Manager for Belgian fashion brand Xandres, Jasmien had the pleasure to define a plan ‘for the future’ plan for the future together with the sustainability team. 


With a strong focus on change management, she kickstarted the team in setting the right CSR targets, aligned with (upcoming) European legislation and the company DNA, and adapt processes to reach those targets accordingly.

Project management & matchmaking


Whether you want to organise a digital fashion show, set up a European project on circular fashion, wish to invite your B2B partners to an innovative event or are looking for ways  to engage your customers in an impactful experience? Masjien will make it work.



We’ll cater to you needs:

– concept creation

– curating the most relevant cases and talent 

– researching the latest trends

– tool development

– building partnerships


Standalone or with your team, we’ll deliver within time, budget, quality and scope.


Yes, yes, but have you done this before?

We both build upon a rich experience as Project Managers, coordinating projects and events like the Belgian Fashion Awards, FashionTech works and the SuperNova fashion pavilion.


We coordinated upcycling projects and worked on funded partnerships on circular business models, textile recycling and design for longevity. 


We created the MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Walk, are building partnerships for the digital fashion show Future Front Row, curate the fashion hub for Flanders Technology & Innovation and love to be involved in European innovative projects.

Talks & workshops


Inspirational keynotes, educational sessions or hands-on workshops to open your mind or help you walk the talk. 



Talks & workshops can vary from 1 hour to a series of half day sessions. Online, on stage or inhouse, up to you.

Pick your topic or get in touch to cater to your needs.


Yes, yes, but have you done this before?

We’ve hosted sofa sessions with 10 people, webinars with 200 attendees and even addressed a room of 800 people (you can relive this exciting moment right here).

We’re also sharing our knowledge at the University of Antwerp, Antwerp Management School, Karel de Grote University College, Thomas More University, PxL Hasselt and HoWest.

Examples of topics we cover 


– ‘Fashion & Sustainability’ – what’s the fuzz about?

– Circularity & Fashion – How to Close The Loop?

– Low impact materials & design

– Communication & Sustainability in fashion

– Change Management & Sustainability in fashion

– New business models in the circular economy

– Start with sustainability: create your strategic action plan with Close The Loop



– Innovation with Web3 & Metaverse

– Web3 & sustainability in fashion

– Closing the loop with Technology

– Change Management & Technology in fashion


Communication and sustainability need to go hand in hand. There’s no need to communicate everything, but you have to communicate the right thing. We’ll look at who your stakeholders are and what message to give them.

Taking the current regulation into account and the needs of your targets audience, we’ll get the right message across. From sustainability reports to communication for the launch of your sustainable product: you name it, we’ve got it.


Yes, yes but have you done this before?

Sure. Jasmien learned the drill during her career in a large advertising agency. She currently guides a.o. Xandres in their sustainability reporting and advises the marketing team on online & retail communication.

Is that all folks?

Of course it’s not.


We do not limit ourselves to a list of services and ‘have dones’. 

Because a wise young lady (going by the name of P. Langkous) once said:

“I have never tried that before, so I should be able to do it.”


We share our passion not only in company via board of directors but also to a bigger audience writing for De Tijd & Fashion United. Still not enough? Jasmien is co-author of the children’s book ‘Do pants grow on trees?, created the guided tour on fashion & sustainability for the Antwerp Fashion Museum and only a couple of years ago wrote a Masters Thesis on policy and sustainability. Ann likes to spend her time in the web3 community. She is co-founder of digital fashion network MUTANI and inspires open minded entrepreneurs on all things blockchain, NFT and metaverse with the WEB32 conference.


Feeling crazy in the coconut with your latest idea on fashion, sustainability or technology? Hit us!

Masjien, pushing buttons & boundaries.