Ann partnerships manager for Future Front Row, the digital fashion show

FUTURE FRONT ROW, the holographic catwalk you don’t want to miss

As our lives become increasingly digitized, many people are already crafting a digital representation of themselves online.  FUTURE FRONT ROW has the mission to illuminate the potentials of this virtual space through an immersive digital fashion runway in a physical setting.

By deliberately designing Future Front Row to mirror the hallmarks of iconic high fashion runways, we’re making a bold statement: digital fashion doesn’t just belong to the future; it’s claiming its rightful place alongside traditional couture.

Our mission is about more than aesthetics; it’s about accessibility. FUTURE FRONT ROW democratizes digital fashion, pulling it from niche corners and placing it front and center for all to experience. By providing a stage for digital fashion designers, many of whom have never had the opportunity to present their work in a tangible setting, we’re ensuring a more inclusive and diverse fashion future.

It’s a visual and experiential testament to where the future of fashion is headed, as the lines between our online personas and physical selves continue to blur.

The narrative of FUTURE FRONT ROW is one of evolution and revolution. As society pivots from tangible to intangible modes of self-expression, fashion — an age-old medium of identity — is poised for digital transformation. Through the digital runway, attendees witness the journey of fashion from its material roots to its digital future. The significance lies in its mirror to our evolving identities: as we craft digital representations of ourselves online, fashion evolves alongside to cater to these new digital personas.

As a sustainable alternative to traditional fashion shows, it can also offer a more inlcusive and creative view on fashion today, opening up to a broad audience.   At Felix Meritis we welcomed over 700 visitors in september ’23 to see the show by Augmented Weaving, Avolve, Dress X, The Fabricant, Polygon Dressing, Code Couture, Suzanne Vos & MUTANI. 

Ann Claes & Future Front Row

Ann is partnerships manager and supports the founders Antonio Talarico and Isabelle Udo to bring their concept abroad.  After a succesful launch at Amsterdam Fashion Week we are preparing for a next edition. Do reach out if you see opportunities to partner or bring Future Front Row near you!