Webinar on AR and Metaverse for Flanders DC

Ann Claes is curator and moderator for this webinar on Augmented Reality and metaverse applications for the creative industry. 

During this webinar of Flanders DC we delve deeper into the technologies Augmented Reality (AR) with PLAYAR and metaverse with Howest. We show the possible influence and opportunities for the fashion and design sector using concrete examples. We also explain what the business potential can be per application, with a strong focus on experience and retail.

Bas Gezelle is one of the owners and strategy lead of AR agency PLAYAR. They develop augmented reality experiences for brands on all social media platforms and on the web. From stores that get an immersive experience, trying on virtual fashion to other products that come to life virtually.

Digital Transformation Valorization Manager Kurt Callewaert explains Howest’s initiatives and ambitions within Web3 and Metaverse.  Researcher and business consultant Jonathan Maes takes you through the immense potential of the metaverse using a real life use case.