New European Bauhaus Conference

Inspired by the “New European Bauhaus” initiative of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, which she presented for the first time in the”State of the Union” speech in September 2020, the Fashion Council Germany, in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt, organised the conference “The New European Bauhaus – Werkstatt der Zukunft”. With a manifesto for a systematic change of the fashion industry, topics such as sustainability, crafts, digitalisation and technology was the focus.
The conference took place in 2021 on the occasion of Frankfurt Fashion Week. The opening speaker is Ursula von der Leyen.
Watch the talk on the website of the New European Bauhaus Conference. 

Webinar – Large-scale companies vs. fast-growing startups – Fashion Sustainability Practices

In this webinar for Lectra, I go into conversation with Lieve Vermeire (CSR Manager Vandevelde) & Eva Engelen (HNST).
Not all fashion companies are created equal, so sustainability will seem like a totally different challenge – or opportunity! – to each of us. 

To answer the question “Can sustainability go hand in hand with profitability?”, we need to establish that sustainability strategies can and will vary enormously.

That’s why Lectra invited customers, experts and partners from the industry to discuss the topic of sustainability from different and even opposing points of view. All related to Product, Process and People.

• Jasmien Wynants – Freelance sustainability expert, Jasmien has experience at Flanders DC and is the co-author of the “Close the Loop” circular fashion initiative. She is also Sustainability Coordinator at Xandres, the Belgian women’s fashion brand.
• Jeroen Deweer – Account manager at Lectra, Jeroen enables fashion companies across the Benelux to transform, digitalize and become future-proof.
• Lieve Vermeire – Sustainability and CSR manager at Van de Velde, the Belgian lingerie and swimwear giant that’s been shaping women’s bodies and minds for over a century.
• Eva Engelen – Sustainability and product manager at HNST, the up-and-coming jeans brand that challenges the industry’s current practices by being fully transparent, recyclable and sourced in Europe.

Webinar – How to make your fashion brand more sustainable?

In this webinar of Flanders DC, you get an introduction to sustainability thinking and circular economy. In addition to some concrete tips & tricks, you are shown the necessary tools to develop your own strategy.
As a fashion entrepreneur, you have an impact on different parts of the fashion cycle: designing with less textile waste or better materials, releasing fewer collections, producing locally and ethically, looking for take-back and recycling solutions,… You can also bring your customers into this story. During this webinar, we’ll familiarize you with the Close The Loop program. You will get an introduction to sustainability thinking and circular economy. In addition to some concrete tips & tricks, you will be given the necessary tools to develop your own strategy.
Jasmien Wynants is a sustainability expert and the driving force behind the Close The Loop platform, the reference in the field of circular fashion. She helps fashion companies develop a sustainability strategy and how to put it into practice.

Podcast – In conversation with fashion brands Terre Bleue/Zilton/Gigue and Filou & Friends

In this podcast, sustainability expert Jasmien Wynants talks about implementing sustainability within fashion companies. Jasmien was the driving force behind Close The Loop, Flanders DC’s platform that promotes circular enterprise within the fashion sector. She talks to Peter Perquy (CEO of Duror Fashion Group, the group behind Terre Bleue, Gigue and Zilton) and Rudi Maes (founder of Filou & Friends). How are they working on sustainability within their companies? What aspects did they tackle first? How did they stimulate employees and stores to jump on the bandwagon?

Podcast – In conversation with fashion brands KOMRADS & Wright

In this podcast, Jasmien Wynants talks about sustainable business in the fashion industry. Jasmien is the driving force behind Close The Loop, the platform that encourages the fashion industry to embrace the circular model. She talks to Nathalie De Nil from fashion label Wright and Mark Vandevelde from sneaker brand Komrads. What does sustainability mean to them? What challenges do they face? What do they think of greenwashing and how do they look to the future?

YouTube Radio NRJ – ‘Grab a Coffee’

When a T-shirt costs only €3, you have to wonder about that. But what can you do yourself to make your closet more sustainable? Larissa, Louise & Ranaa check it out in this new episode of Grab A Coffee, with tips from Jasmien!

Sustainable Fashion explained for teenagers

VRT NWS asked me to work together on a short video explaining some of the basic concepts of sustainable fashion to share with schools in Belgium.
Sustainable fashion explained for teenagers?


VRT NWS asked me to work together on a short video explaining some of the basic concepts of sustainable fashion to share with schools in Belgium.


I must say, it wasn’t an easy job but the crew was amazing and I’m quite happy with the result. What do you think?

Keynote Fashion Talks Antwerp

Fashion Talks is the most relevant conference about the fashion industry and how it really works and evolves. It gives you a view behind the scenes of one of the most inspiring industries. This biannual conference (hosted by Flanders DC) welcomes about 800 fashion professionals in Antwerp every 2 years. In 2019 they invited me on the main stage for a keynote speech.
Close The Loop: walk the walk.
In this keynote, Jasmien guides you through what sustainable fashion stands for today in a practical and relevant way. She illustrates this based on real and tangible local efforts, leaving you inspired and ready to take action starting tomorrow.

MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Walk

Creator of the Fashion & Sustainability Walk for MoMu.
As from September 2022 you’re able to book the MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Walk. A guided tour that illuminates the many facets of sustainability across the Antwerp fashion scene.
MoMu Antwerp asked me to map out this walk with them. This walk does not show where you can shop ecologically or which designers and labels are sustainable. We do want to show how principles of sustainability are ubiquitous and of all times and how to make people look at fashion from a new perspective.
The tour lasts two hours and takes you along the beautiful streets of Antwerp’s fashion quarter. You can book the MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Walk in group. Individual visitors can join the tours every second Saturday of the month.
Click the link at the top to book your spot on the tour!
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