Jasmien awarded Sustainability Professional of the Year 2023

Jasmien received the honourable ‘Sustainability Professional of the Year’ award in 2023.

Jasmien Wynants has been elected Sustainability Professional 2023 by a joint initiative of Time4Society and VBO FEB. The award is the final part of a selection procedure that started in November 2022.

The Sustainability Professional is someone who inspires, motivates and implements initiatives in the field of sustainability within his company or organization, according to the press release.

The jury selected three Dutch-speaking and three French-speaking finalists from a list of 230 professionals over several rounds. A final online vote was to announce the final winner.

The jury appoints Jasmien as a Sustainability Professional because in all her actions she has one goal in mind: making the fashion world more sustainable. Jasmien provides inspiring training, motivational talks, workshops and advice. She also writes for various trade magazines and is writing a children’s book about sustainable fashion.

“I am very happy with this award. Both large and small victories should be celebrated. This also contributes to the visibility of sustainability in the fashion sector, and we will continue to focus on this in the future.”

Jasmien competed against Wouter De Broeck, Sustainability Manager at Alsico, and Geert Aelbrecht, Chief People Officer, Group Sustainability & ESG Officer at BESIX.